Public Notice – COVID 19 Statement

Here at Casey Jackson Ford we are following the advice of our federal, state and local authorities and are closely monitoring the ever evolving events that our nation is facing at this time. Foregoing all that, your HOMETOWN SUPERSTORE is business as usual, and cousin business is a booming! That being stated we do want to take this time to assure all of you who are reading this announcement that we are taking every reasonable precaution in the prevention of any threat that might present itself in the spreading of the COVID 19 virus, or any virus for that matter.

We know there are those who are more concerned than others might be such as our elderly; I mean they took care of us when we were young, now it’s our turn to take on the responsibility of caring for their welfare now.

Therefore, if you prefer to yield to any unnecessary risks, we are offering the JACKSON ADVANTAGE MOBILE SERVICING OPTION, call us for any repair you might need and we will arrange to have your vehicle picked up, serviced, decontaminated and returned to you as quickly as possible. Additionally, we extend this offer to those who have a medical condition that might make them more susceptible to the COVID-19 virus.

Again, we here at Casey Jackson Ford are out ahead of this threat, we recently incorporated a decontamination station that services every car either test driven or has received maintenance. Additionally, we wipe down all interior surfaces and apply our antimicrobial solution into the vehicles ventilation system, as most of you know already we apply this antimicrobial compound to all our cars initially as one of the many benefits included in the JACKSON ADVANTAGE package. Now we are applying it each and every time a car has been touched.

Many of you already know that we have always provided consumers with the option of purchasing your new or pre-owned car all online by utilizing our Casey Jackson Ford “NO LIMITATIONS” purchase and delivery option (even offering a test drive prior to purchasing). This way you get our culture of personalized service coupled with this online delivery option, this allows you the benefits of a fast and convenient online purchasing or service experience, all without ever stepping foot in the dealership. And as aforementioned, we again remind you that it’s business as usual here at your HOMETOWN SUPERSTORE, we are OPEN! So come by today and experience the best car buying or car repair experience on the planet!